Scanning App

We think the (free) Mobile Scanning App will be a huge advantage to untether the scanner from a central location and give you the ability to cover any number of locations.


Camera reads barcode or input manually

Instant feedback stats

Virtual Badge Support

Manual Entry

Settings Page (Multi-School Access)


  1. Dramatically reduces your equipment expense.
  2. Easier to recruit volunteers (almost no “training” is required)
  3. Barcode is “scanned” using the phones camera.
  4. Manual barcode entry also possible.
  5. Use the carriers network, no need for wifi.
  6. Email us for a free test account.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Works best on the newest (fastest) phones and LTE networks. Requires IOS7 or Android 3+.
  2. Test the cell network reception and scanning speed at your proposed location.
  3. This will not replace the need for at least one laptop connected to the network.
  4. Not as fast as a laptop connected scanner. As an example I was able to scan about 65 students out of a total of 85 very comfortably as they arrived.
  5. Will not work with the Run/Walk Club


Your Monkey Money Parties just got easier!
Deduct money from the students virtual accounts with this new Mobile Apps.

Monkey Money

Monkey Money (M$M) is a virtual checking account for your students.

Students “earn” money each time they scan in and can spend that money by using their barcode tag like an ATM card. We found that M$M increases participation and builds a sense of personal empowerment as the students earn and spend their own money.

Keeping things “virtual” means there is nothing to manually track, no spread sheets and nothing the student can lose. All you need is the Active4me ATM mobile app or a laptop connected to the internet to withdraw money from the students account.

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Scan or manual input gets students current balance