Scanning App

We think the (free) Mobile Scanning App will be a huge advantage to untether the scanner from a central location and give you the ability to cover any number of locations.


Camera reads barcode or input manually

Instant feedback stats

Virtual Badge Support




  1. Dramatically reduces your equipment expense.
  2. Easier to recruit volunteers (almost no “training” is required)
  3. Barcode is “scanned” using the phones camera.
  4. Manual barcode entry also possible.
  5. Use the carriers network, no need for wifi.
  6. 30 day free trial

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Works best on the newest (fastest) phones and LTE networks. Requires IOS10+
  2. Test the cell network reception and scanning speed at your proposed location.

Run Club

Say goodbye to the spreadsheet!

The Run/Walk Club

Looking for an easy way to track times, miles and calories for your walk or run club?
Scan each lap with our free app and say goodbye to tedious data entry.

Manually tracking each students progress is time consuming and error prone. Forget about counting Popsicle sticks and then manually updating a spreadsheet. Once the student is registered and has their assigned ID card all you need to do is scan each lap the student completes.

We do the math and offer you an array of detailed statistics broken down by date, gender, student, teacher, or school wide summary.

The Run/Walk "Track" can be any distance around a playground, or an actual track. When you are done scanning the free RunClub iPhone/iPad app automatically uploads the lap data. Updated totals are immediatley avaiable for your students to view on the Mini-Site

Free 30 Day Trial

Get in and kick the tires, see if it's a good fit for your needs.
Request FreeTrial

Unlimited Scanners

There is no limit to the number of simultaneous app users. You can have any number of scanners out helping you scan at no extra cost. Our error detection removes accidental duplicate scans and catches those sneaky students trying to get multiple scans for each lap.

We can import your data!

  • Any number of students and teachers.
  • Start mid-year and import your manually tracked data.

Low cost

  • The Run Club yearly subscription is $149 for up to 500 registered students.
  • If you have a larger program the cost is just $30 for each additional 100 students.
  • Subscriptions can be started anytime and run the full 12 months.
  • Free RunClub iPhone/iPad scanning app, you don’t need to buy any other scanners.