The scanning system captures every trip and can instantly notify a parent by text, email or phone that their student arrived on campus. The system generates real-time statistics including CO2, calories, miles and gas savings for each student, their classroom, grade or for the whole district. Scan days can be any interval, from once a month to every day. Contact us to setup a free test account.

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We start with a quick introduction detailing your options, some program ideas and what you need to do to register your program.

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Parent Notifications

By text, email or phone.

Our system enables you to send an immediate, text, phone call, or email to a parent notifying them that their child arrived at school. This instant notification feature can help overcome real and perceived safety issues that might prevent a parent from letting their children walk or bike to school.

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Virtual Badges

Gamify your active transportation program with virtual badges. We've added four "Trip" based badges and two extreme weather badges. We also play a special sound when a badge is earned

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Run Walk Club

On campus milage tracking.

Stop counting Popsicle sticks and start scanning! Track laps of any distance, total miles and calories for your on campus programs.

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Q: What if my school is not on the list?
A: Not all schools have a Mini Site, contact your site administrator and see how they prefer to do the registration.